Ol’ Clootie

This is my original rendering of a cowboy skull which I have affectionately named Ol’ Clootie. Is it the Devil? Or is it a reanimated skeleton come to taunt us as society falls apart….

We already know about my love for skulls.  In this picture I put together some of my favourite things; a skull, a cowboy hat and a nickname for the Devil.  I remember a friend mentioning the Ol’ Clootie name once, he said it was from Nemesis the Warlock.  The all-knowing Google informed me that it’s also from the Scottish calling a cloven hoof a Cloot; hence we have Old – or Auld – Clootie.  Another name is Old Nick. Old Hornie (haha!), all of which are allusions to earlier pagan gods.

This picture was made with colour pencils and pen on watercolour paper.  It is180mm high x 130mm wide, so it’s about the size of a large postcard.


2 Replies to “Ol’ Clootie”

  1. Now you know I’m not into skulls Mel, but those are pretty cool and they look kinda funny like you could crack up laughing at them lol But I was gonna say, you should hut down skull lovers on twitter if you haven’t already! I’m sure you will find a few!! Jo x

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