Cover artwork for Ghetto Sunrise

Sometimes I am asked to design cover artwork for bands. This project was for Ghetto Sunrise, an Auckland hip hop, reggae, dub, drumnbass and dubstep outfit.

The brief

Joel Blood approached me late last year with some ideas for a CD cover.  His band, Ghetto Sunrise,  were releasing a new EP called ‘One Drop Love’ and it needed that special touch.  He asked for an ‘urban summer’ look with skaters, surfers and a hot chick.

The design

So I went for the surfing hot chick with purple hair, riding her custom carved ‘board. She’s carving up the waves!  Geddit…? A-hurrhurr.

Queen City spotters will recognise the outline of Auckland’s Sky Tower in the background, as our surfing girl rides her wave towards the coastline.  The wave was inspired by Japanese prints, namely the Great Wave off Kanagawa. Except it’s the Māori version, of course.  I’ve been wanting to have a go at some wave artwork for a while, living on an island near the coast will do that to you.  This project seemed to be the perfect fit for it.

And I also added a rasta rainbow. Because we are all forever loving Jah.  Or something like that.  Being a proud Coastie, who loves her reggae (just don’t tell any of my too cool friends that!), I had to put that in somewhere. Plus it’s an easy marker for music fans who are wondering what kind of genre the band fit into.  Plus I love rainbows.  I listened to A LOT of reggae while I finished the main illustration, at the height of summer. Oh, what sweaty work!

This project also called for the creation of a band logo and DVD cover.  For the logo I used the band name and a portion of the carved ‘board (honestly, how cool would a carved surf or skate board be?), poking it’s tongue out at viewers.

Check out Ghetto Sunrise on their facebook page.