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Have you been wondering about the logo for Aotearoa 666?  Here is an explanation about the star. Or whetu marama, if you would like to describe it in Te Reo Māori.

Since moving back home in 2005, I have tried to visit as many wharenui and marae as I could. That was one thing I missed when I lived away from home.  The most special one being the jewel sitting at Mangahanea Marae.

Ko Hinetāpora te whare tipuna!  Hinetāpora is the ancestral house!

This fine meeting house was carved by Hone Tahu, Hoani Ngatoto, Wi Tahata and others, from the Iwirakau school of carving. Wi Tahata is my great great grandfather. The house took ten years to complete, as it was started in 1886 and the opening for the house was held in 1896.

On the pare of Hinetāpora sits a star. This tohu has 6 points, and, while it could be said to  resemble a flower, it also looks like the Marian star. That is a symbol which is popular with the Anglican Church.  Around the star are carved the words:

‘Kōpū te Whetu Marama o te Ata’.
Venus is the star (or planet) of the morning.

Kōpū is the Māori name for the planet Venus, and this whakataukī (proverb) refers to Venus rising in the morning. It is known as the guiding star in tikanga Māori. Absolutely perfect for a logo for me!

If you look into the heart of the logo I created, you can see Kōpū as it is represented on Hinetāpora. I used this as a base to start from and expanded it around the edges by adding more points.  It’s my visual way of saying, this is where I am from, and this is where I am going.  And that is how my logo works.

Mauri Ora!